Kloof and Highway SPCA has been busy!

The proactive and resourceful, Kloof and Highway SPCA has been super busy with an impressive list of fund-raising projects and improvements, hosting fabulous events on virtually a weekly basis.

In recent weeks they have held their annual Dog Box fundraiser, a vintage car show and the opening of a new shop of upcycled treasures and collectables: Ella Bella.

New outdoor stage

Big news is – they have a new outdoor performance stage! At a time when money is tight, and live performance opportunities are closing down; it is very exciting that a new stage was gifted to the SPCA for their regular performances, family events and showcases.

With a core creative team of Kevin Ellis, Gareth Greaves and Belinda Dolphin – live performances have become part of the regular SPCA calendar affirming the spacious SPCA village green “garden” as a comfortable meeting place for family and friends to enjoy a light meal and live entertainment: music, a fashion show, flamenco or belly dancing, and participative dance classes.

Welcome Party

On Saturday 19 June, SPCA hosting a welcoming party for their brand-new all-weather performance stage, donated by Eva-Last, made from recycled plastic, and installed by Clever Decks. The stage will be used to host regular events in the SPCA as part of their ongoing fundraising programme and awareness drive.

Already it has been used by Roberta Alessandri Models, Teresa Galan Flamenco Dance Studio and belly dancer Kimona Kisten.

In this current difficult and stressful times, SPCA is playing an essential role in caring for vulnerable and abandoned domestic animals – and now more than ever needs financial and in-kind support to do so. Their retail and food outlets provide a regular and sustainable source of income for their work and should be supported.

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