Woza Moya Crafters have been busy!

The new ranges at the Woza Moya shop are truly world class, and quite unlike anything I have seen elsewhere: fruity beadwork, flower-inspired jewellery, angelic animals, functional glassware and an aviary of craft birds.


A magnificent larger than life angel by wood-artist Josephat Phiri greets you as you walk through the door. He demands your attention and reverence, with his huge wings, kind face and earnest eyes. There is a bit of an angel theme at Woza Moya currently. Phiri also has a range of diminutive wooden angels with amazing detail, sanded smooth as glass. Alongside Phiri’s works are wood-burnt angels with funky sun-shades and attitude by Sibusisu Mapumulo. His range features animals as well as people.  

Fruits and Flowers:

The Woza Moya beadworkers have new product lines too – my favourites are the fruity range of jewellery and accessories. Bunches of grapes, tiny watermelons and citrus slices; apples …. and apple cores; bright berries and spikey pineapples: from tiny thimble size to bolder statement pieces.

As a companion to the fruit range is the flower collection – with bright blossoms, delicate buds and cheerful posies – all beautifully made from beads.  The fruit and the flowers and liven up a drab ensemble and transform a plain outfit. They would also make great gifts and treats.

Upcycled Glass:

Another range which is flourishing is their upcycled glass range of tee-light candle holders, flower vases, ornaments, decorations, chandeliers, wind chimes and drinking tumblers – all made from glass bottles – both transparent and green glass, in different shapes and decorations. With Father’s Day around the corner, there are some innovative gift options to be found.


It’s fun navigating the brightly painted staircase to find the aviary of birds upstairs. Birds from wood, wire, beads, paper and fabric flutter in unison: from enormous eagles to dotty Guinea fowls. You would be hard pressed not to find the perfect gift for a twitcher!  

Coffee and More:

To catch your breath while deciding on what angels, glassware, fruits and flowers to buy, a sit down and cup of coffee is recommended at the Ubuntu Ground Coffee Café. As a distraction you can pick up a pre-read book from their book stand, and pop into their habby shop to pick up some bargain fabric cuts, and old school patterns. End your visit with a walk through the white elephant and plant nursery. I got huge brownie points by buying an armful of soft toys for the family’s rescue pups – who were delighted with their new playfellows! The purple teddy with the blue bow was an especially big hit!

Good To Know:

Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust
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