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And that’s a wrap for the African Travel Indaba 2022

And that’s a wrap for the African Travel Indaba 2022

Africa’s Travel Indaba has once again been held at the ICC after a two year absence thanks to covid-19 and, in my opinion, having attended now 8… Read more »

Honouring Our Mothers in 1000 Hills

Mothers Day in 1000 Hills

The adventures are infinite

Infinite Adventures and Hillcrest Paintball

Celebrate Easter among the Hills

Easter in 1000 Hills.

Happy Unicorn Day!

Today, Saturday 9 April, is World Unicorn Day, where we honour and celebrate the delightful unicorn which is an essential part of so many myths and fairy… Read more »

An arcade of delights

Décor Art Community Centre

World Optometry Week Celebrated in 1000 Hills

World Optometry Week was celebrated in style at Watercrest Mall in 1000 Hills, with 80 children with compromised vision who are unable to afford eye care, each receiving a free pair of prescription spectacles thanks to the collaborative joint efforts of the Order of St John and Ster-Kinekor.

Celebrating the classic vintage look in the hills.

Going vintage in 1000 hills

1000 Hills CTO video submitted to International Film Festival.

1000 Hills CTO video summited to International Film Festival.

Your Guide to Weddings and Romance in the Valley of a 1000 Hills

We think of course that every wedding should take place in the 1000 Hills – we of course think it is the most romantic place to celebrate your big day.