Equestrian paradise at Blue Horizons.

The 1000 Hills is known for being an equestrian haven – with literally over 50 businesses, studs, stables, saddleries and schools  in and around the outer west dedicated to horsemanship – notably The Durban Shongweni Club, Summerveld Stud and equine hospital, SA Riding for the Disabled Association and dozens more.

One of the most respected, established, and proactive equine centres is Blue Horizons Trail Rides & Riding School in Drummond, which opened to the public in February 2004, capably owned, managed and run by Debbie Steveson.

Blue Horizons owner Debbie Stevenson with Pixie - one of her original horses.
Blue Horizons owner Debbie Stevenson with Pixie – one of her original horses.

Enjoying a fabulous view of undulating hills into the distant horizon; the aptly-name equestrian centre offers riding lessons for all ages. Students from as young as three years upwards as well as for competitive riders are welcome. They believe one is never too old to learn to ride and welcome grown-ups who used to ride as well as those who have never ridden before.

Laura Wood and Lizzy.
Laura Wood and Lizzy.

Whether it’s your first time in the saddle or if you are an experienced rider, there are suitable classes for all capabilities.

They also offer riding support for special needs and remedial children and adults. They work on sensory, trust, communication and tactile issues and have various exercises including water / horse therapy, which have yielded great success.

They boast 14 healthy horses and happy students and offer an holistic approach to working with horses, and include stable management and horse care in all their services.  

Picture of bliss: Ally being pampered by Skye Reynolds.
Picture of bliss: Ally being pampered by Skye Reynolds.

Included in their training programmes are sessions on natural horsemanship; learning bareback riding and backwards riding for increased skill; how to fall off a horse safely; how to improve balance and co-ordination; and correct ways to brush, feed and care for horses.

Good morning Sunshine!
Good morning Sunshine!

Their property is impressive: a big airy modern barn, with shaded fields and large yards, all with amazing views. Parts of the huge property (including their veggie tunnels) were damaged in the floods, but for the rest, the grounds are immaculate.  There is a constant buzz of activity and great energy.

Pony Camps.

They run pony camps over long weekends and holidays, ensuring kids are exposed to good old fashion outdoor fun whilst learning all about horses.  These cater for beginners to advanced riders and allow for maximum opportunity to have fun and hone your riding skills through a series of participative games, as well as firming up on equestrian protocols, horse care and fellowship with fellow horse-lovers. Camps can be from two until five days, and offer sleep-over options.   

They offer supervised fun trail rides through nearby forests and grasslands on easy, well-trained horses.


Their organic heirloom vegetables, four season leaf packs, sauces, yoghurt and cream cheeses, are also available for retail – join their whatsapp group or visit the veg shop at the Mushroom Farm.

Good to know:

Blue Horizons is a Horse Riding School in Drummond just 16 minutes from Hillcrest,  35 minutes from Durban and 43 minutes from Pietermaritzburg. 

Call Debbie 083 269 4945

Send an email debbie@bluehorizonsestate.co.za

12 Buffels Drift Road, Drummond, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

Visit: http://www.bluehorizonsestate.co.za