1000 Hills

Comrades Weekend – 1000 Hills is the halfway mark!

It’s the Comrades Marathon this weekend – and it’s not too late to head for the hills – which is the halfway mark of this epic race…. Read more »

Lazy Sundays spent amongst the hills

“Self Care” is one of the January buzz-words, encouraging busy people to find mindful balance – working hard but remembering to relax and be gentle too, to… Read more »

Christmas Shopping in 1000 Hills

We have the perfect solution to any Christmas shopping headaches:  head for the hills its cool, its calm, its outdoors, we have a soothing view, endless coffee… Read more »

Diving into a Bunny Chow in the Valley of a 1000 Hills

We may be 20 minutes from Durban, but we have the best bunny chows in town. Check out my personal favorites in the Valley of a 1000 Hills

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present “Bukekayo” at PheZulu Safari Park

The baby giraffe at PheZulu Safari Park has been named: Bukekayo meaning fine and handsome

We love art in the Valley of a 1000 Hills

The 1000 Hills prides itself in its selection of art – from the fabulous fantasy AmmaZulu Gardens and Sculpture Precinct (120 huge sculptures hidden in an enormous… Read more »